Sheffield's free community arts festival
Little Peaces
Sat 5th Sept 2015
Location: TBA
Coming again soon!
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Our Plan for Peace in the Park
To the people, for the people and by the people of Sheffield.

Dear Sheffield,

Peace in the Park is Sheffield’s community arts festival – organised by volunteers, funded entirely by the people of Sheffield and supported by artists, musicians, students, event organisers and other everyday folk from the city working as a not for profit collective. Starting in 2003 the festival has become a movement celebrating Sheffield’s freedom and creativity – showcasing arts, music and performance, raising thousands for good causes and promoting peace, understanding and social justice.

In 2013 we had to make the difficult decision to postpone Peace in the Park. It was a huge disappointment for all involved. We felt it was our responsibility to ensure the festival survived tough times and to do this we had to take the year off. Happily, with your support, Peace in the Park returned in 2014 with the best event yet; a huge effort and a celebration we can all be proud of!

Following these highs and lows we have looked back to learn from our experience and looked forward to put those lessons into practice. We have considered the volunteering needed to organise the festival, the fundraising needed to pay for the festival and the contribution made by the hundreds of people involved in the set-up, running and clear-up of the festival. We have also considered what the festival means to those involved and to everyone that attends and what we’d like to see the festival continue to be and become in the future. We’ve come up with an exciting plan which we’d love to share with you – it has three key elements: The Annual Festival, Community Projects and Fundraising Campaigns.

The Annual Festival

Our plan to make Peace in the Park sustainable and realistic is for the festival to move to a two year cycle. This year’s event will be ‘Peace in the Park – by Night’, with the postponed date to be announced. It will be a paid entry, night time fundraising party featuring live music, DJs, sound systems, stalls, bars, hot food and more with proceeds going to Peace in the Park. Next year’s event will be ‘Peace in the Park – by Day’ on June 11th 2016. It will be the free entry, day time, public park, community arts festival we all know and love.

peace in the park by nightpeace in the park by day

Community Projects

Our plan to promote peace, understanding and social justice, to explore new locations across Sheffield and to develop the community of Peace in the Park volunteers is to begin two new community projects. The first is ‘Patches of Peace’ – an arts project inviting people to make patchwork banners to celebrate peace in their community and display these banners at the festival. The second is ‘Little Peaces’ – an engagement project to take a mini ‘pop-up party’ version of Peace in the Park to parks across Sheffield and engage communities in promoting social justice and participating in creative celebration.

Fundraising Campaigns

Our plan to help people have fun and raise money for the festival is to begin four new fundraising campaigns. ‘PE in the Park’ – supporting people to organise a fundraising sports day in their local park, ‘Street Party for Peace’ – supporting people to organise a fundraising street party in their neighbourhood, ‘Peace in the Pub’ – supporting local publicans and their customers with easy and fun ways to raise money for the festival in their local pub and ‘Promoters for Peace’ – supporting music promoters to organise official fundraising events for the festival and promote peace, understanding and social justice.

We hope you like our plan and want to support this exciting future for the festival!
Peace & Love – The Peace in the Park Steering Group

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